Availability, Accessibility and Affordability (3As) of WATER

Lakshmi Narayana Nagisetty
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06 Jun 2013 at 01:27
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Dear all

It i the fact that there is no life without WATER. In spite of knowing the realities, initiative are not matching to the need and further lead for poor development with reduced quality of life (QOL).  

There exists several villages with out WATER but WINE is available. What it is reflecting? Is it our concern and commitment? If not what? The problem is with the people/community and solutions exists in their own hands. 

Social added with science can do wonders in improving 3As so that need based development  can be improved for the empowerment of the people with improved quality of life. 

Looking forward to share more on this......

All the best. 


Lakshmi Narayana Nagisetty
Yes, it is the reality. It is mainly due to the GAP & lack of coordination among the MIND, LIP & HAND of the majority of the stakeholders. The need of the hour is to understand the reality and act with effective coordination with the concern, commitment & target of achieving the development with sustainability & quality. Once this has been made as a SYSTEM with PROCESS, then the health and wealth of the PEOPLE & ENVIRONMENT can be protected effectively in respect of TIME & COST. In this direction certainly, the COMMUNITY BASED MODEL will be more effective in addressing the issues of the people by the people itself. I will be to share more on this model. Looking forward for better connectivity...All the Best.
Vishakha Rajput
I just came across a very good article says, why everybody talks about environment in India yet doesn't care about it. http://indianexponent.com/18416/10-reasons-why-everybody-talks-about-env...
I agree that water is expensive then soft dring, this is insane. We should think what we are doing to the environment.
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